Weapons of Bass Destruction – 10 August 2013

1.Weapons of Bass Destruction – Alpha Centauri
2.Secret Soviet Army – The Prince and the Prisoner
3.Albert van Abbe – Rytumtraks 0002 Rudolf Klorzeiger Remodel
4.Transllusion – Dimensional Glide
5.Den Kozlov – Galactic Pulse Music
6.Pip Williams – Analog Sequencer
7.I-F – The Men Who Won’t Come Back
8.Electrolyt – Unreleased
9.Jauzas The Shining – Can You See It (feat Alek Stark)
10.Dark Vektor – 8 (R21 Remix)
11.Microcontrolunit – Dimension 1 (Artificial Humans vs Gigabots Remix)
12.‪ AE35 – TYO Freeze‬
13.G13CK – Mirando Fijo
14.DJR21 – Atomic Breakdown
15.Stingray313 – Herd Instinct
16.Gosub – The Rain Comes Down Dcast Dynamics Remix
17.Maarten van der Vleuten – Internaut
18.Signal Type – Future Funked (Abstrakt Knights Remix)
19.Sync 24 – It’s a Soft Slip
20.The Exaltics – No Time To Spend
21.Pi-xl – Estereopsis
22.Alek Stark – I Come From The Future
23.East European Alliance – Future is Coming
24.Schmidt & Chrome – EBM
25.Morphology – Information Paradox
26.Axiom 23 – System
27.Takter – Ruler Of The Galaxy (Mandroid remix)
29.Icetruck – Antennas to the Future – AUX 88 Black Tokyo Remix

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