Weapons of Bass Destruction – 19 July 2013

weapons of bass destruction


1.Black Replica – Twilight Pupil
2.Rustie Bad Science – Zig-Zag (Heinrich Mueller’s Gravitational Equilibrium Mix)
3.Steiner – Cats Eye Nebula
4.Dusko Janevski – Southern Exposure
5.Ed Chamberlain – Somefind
6.Trolley Route – You Don’t Like Me, You Just Wanna Try Me
7.Gosub – Folding Time
8.Steiner – Noirology
9.Gosub – Within Your Space
10.Klorex55 – Nano Technology
11.The Exaltics – With The Lights Out
12.‪David Rottmeyer – Logo 81(The Exaltics Remix)‬
13.Al Tourettes – My Peril 145
14.Galaxian – Pancake Wednesday
15.Global Surveyor feat. K1 & Gab.Gato – Global Surveyor (Crotaphytus Moloch Horridus Mix)
16.Wreck – Lowtus
17.Ghostlight – Signal Stream (Inhuman Designed Remix)
18.illektrolab – Real Pimp
19.Syndicate Synthetique – The Reaping
20.Arnold Steiner – Exponential Function
21.Weapons of Bass Destruction – I am always relaxing
22.Arnold Steiner – Hyper Operators
23.Otto Von Schirach – Salpica
24.Alavux – Pitch
25.Ohverclock – Follow Know One
26.High Identity – Human & Technology

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