Weapons of Bass Destruction – 22 June 2013

weapons of bass destruction june 22


1.Jason Fine – Human Need (Heinrich Mueller Celestial Sphere Mix)
2.Sync 24 & Deixis – Haunted World
3.CPU – Mastermind
4.Audraulic – Synthetic Cognition
5.Optic Nerve – One Moment In Time (feat Arnold Steiner)
6.Scape One – After The Visitation
7.214 Electro – Antarctica
8.Boris Divider – Primary Functions
9.Plant43 – Slate Grey Sky
10.VC-118A – Mapolar
11.Ekman – Destiny
12.‪Maelstrom – Outlast‬
13.Stormfield – Rebuild (DeFeKt Remix)
14.Maelstrom – Hunger
15.The Exaltics – Ten Days
16.Pi-xl – Universe
17.Sidearms – New Dimensions
18.Cocaine On Her Dress – My Fantasy
19.Robots on Acid – How Can Any Race Be So Stupid (DVS NME Remix)
20.Aux 88 – Exsterterestrial Time Traveler Gosub Remix
21.AS1 – Mood Sequence 00.007
22.Raw Mechanics – Soultaker
23.I am Kloot – These Days are Mine (Dave Clarke Remix)
24.AS1 – Solar Lifestyle
25.Equitant – Luminiferous Aether
26.CRC – Holographic Memories

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