Weapons of Bass Destruction – 2 June 2013


1.Soul Oddity – Mezzo Modular
2.Ardit Sadiku – Reason
3.Digital Sound Foundry – No Soundeffect Outa Space (Propanol Mix)
4.Heinrich Mueller – Inside The Rock (Anti De Sitter Space Mix)
5.Versalife – Recombinant Creations
6.Ectomorph – Insert Another Data Disk
7.Giuseppe Mereu – Satelliti
8.Komarken Electronics – Nebula
9.Stingray Enters The Unknown – The Sadist (Heinrich Mueller Remix)
10.Ekman – Inhale
11.Gosub – Plug In
12.‪DJ K1 – Metaphysica‬
13.The 15 Dead Minutes – Mass
14.MicroControlUnit – Electro Enterprise
15.Sprawl – Attack Of The Sonic Army
16.Ctrl.Alt.Del – Nightvision (GPS Updated)
17.AS1 – These Dirty Streets
18.Aux 88 – Lock Groove
19.Luke Slater – All Exhale (Rude Solo Remix)
20.Pip Williams and The Hidden Persuader – The First Replicators
21.AS1 – Daymares
22.Ardit Sadiku – Social Community
23.Tactical Systems – Subspace Rupture
24.Dr Schmidt – Teradyn
25.Dark Vektor – Por la discoteca V3000 (Original Mix)
26.W1b0 – Clandestine
27.Arcanoid – Nature of Being

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