Chris Spotta – Spotta Sounds April 2013

Video –


Maggotron & Debonaire – Cyberzoids
Freestyle – Invade The Party (Deb’s Club Abduction)
Dynamix II – Ignition
Ice-T – Reckless
Hashim – Al-Naafiysh
Stingray – Remote Viewing
Phausis – Control
Pip Williams – ASBO Youths
Arpanet – Ionic Crystals
Weapons of Bass Destruction – Vader Windmill
Melogik – Breaking Point
Binalog Frequency – Microscopic
Headnoaks & CPU – Lost Sense (CPU Version)
Maarten van der Vleuten – Internaut
Anthony Rother – Red Light District
Pip Williams – Mode #7
Adapta – Untitled
Bass Junkie –
DJ R21 – Atomic Breakdown (extended mix)
DeFeKT – Destroy your planet
Aux 88 – Electro Slaves
Morphogenetic – Techno Bass Is Back (DJ Di’jital remix)
MetaComplex – Android Opiate
Ultradyne – Imprint
Diamond Version – Turn On Tomorrow
Infrabaffes – Dibal Trance
Heinrich Müller & Stingray – NRSB-11
Mugwhump – Ich Bin Dein Lieblings Becher!
Wirewound – Backscattering Waves
Swarm Intelligence – Skism
thkad – 1 D xop [Mitoma Remix]
Stingray – Outsourced
Dave Stitch – Opinium
Stingray – Dark Arts
Autechre – Drane

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