Weapons of Bass Destruction – 130329


1.The Exaltics – Broken
2.DJ Surgeles – The One Way X Prezz
3.Lazer Kontinent – CDRW
4.MetaComplex – Infected Technology
5.Renaissance Man – Moov
6.MetaComplex – Android Opiate
7.Ardit Sadiku – Hologram
8.Weapons of Bass Destruction – Bionic Movement
9.Tzotzilla – Synchronization
10.Diamondback Kid – Hot Flash!
11.ADJ – Oddity
12.DeFeKT – Destroy your planet
13.‪Inhuman Designed – Ashes To Stardust‬
14.Maarten Van Der Vleuten – Holographic Inserts
15.Datacrashrobot – Nonspacing Mark
16.Pathic – Monoculture
17.The Exaltics – Ten Days
19.Datacrashrobot – Virion Assembly
20.Sync 24 & Deixis – Who Knows
21.Lifecycle – Truly (Sync24 Remix)
22.Grow – 4 My Hommiez
23.Sync 24 – Where This
24.JimiTheGenius – Identifi
25.Ohverclock – Follow No One (R21’s Sci-Fi n Robotz)
26.Bassazynth – Unison Raster
27.Bebop Rocksteady – R2D2CB
28.CRC – Holographic Memories

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