Manifest Podcast 028 – Weapons Of Bass Destruction



1.Matti Turunen – Quantization Pattern
2.Senor Frio – Rebuilt
3.Ben Milstein – Test Drive
4.AS1 – From The Above
5.Arnold Steiner – Visitor (Alek Stark Remix)
6.Composite Profuse – CRC666
7.Arnold Steiner – Noirology
8.Sync 24 – Reality Change
9.Audraulic – Algorhythmic Emotion
10.Shadowbunny – Butterfly Defect
11.Aphiux – Common Gavel
12.Weapons of Bass Destruction – Another Future
13.Brice Kelly – Pulse Code Dreamer
14.The Exaltics Meets Crotaphytus – Dipsosaurus Dorsalis
15.Phat Chex – Skin Pop
16.Tehta – Solar
17.Systemic – Thousand Yard Stare
19.Inhuman Designed – G.F.T.C. (JR10’s Fully Armored Remix)
20.Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings – Electro Beat Stepper
21.ADJ – Welcome To The Future 2012
22.Bambounou – Deepstaria
23.Weapons of Bass Destruction – Inhuman Behaviour
24.DJ Overdose – Stay on my Feet
25.K-1 – Techno It’s On My Mind
26.Cable Chaos – Unknown Gates
27.w1b0 – Main Squeeze
28.A # (A Sharp) – Teknoid
29.Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings – Laughing Man
30.Code Rising – Uplink
31.Datacrashrobot – Bacteriophage

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