Versalife – XLR8R Podcast – 2013-March-05



01 Hexagon “Seasonal Erosion” (Transcendent)
02 Polar Inertia “Indirect Light” (Dement3d)
03 ADMX71 “Future Expansion” (Sonic Groove Experiments)
04 NRSB-11 “NRSB-11” (WeMe)
05 214 “Drift Diving” (Frustrated Funk)
06 Duplex “P.O.M. (Spiegel Reflex Mix)” (Clone)
07 E.R.P. “Vox Automaton” (Frustrated Funk)
08 The Exaltics “They Arrive” (Crème Organization)
09 Versalife “Sonic Signals” (Clone West Coast Series)
10 Claro Intelecto “Mono” (Modern Love)
11 Hexagon “Spectral Analysis” (Transcendent)
12 Duplex “Below the Photic Zone” (Harbour City Sorrow)
13 Abstract Thought “Galactic Rotation” (Kombination Research)
14 A Number Of Names “Sharevari” (Capriccio)
15 Schizolectric “Neuro-Hologram” (Audiofugitives)
16 Schizolectric “Risperidone” (Audiofugitives)
17 Versalife “Ionization” (Cultivated Electronics)
18 Morphology “Convince the Computer” (Diametric)
19 Drexciya “Wavejumper” (Underground Resistance)
20 Jeremiah R “Into the Deep” (Wil-Ru)

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