Manifest Podcast 025 – Mike Stern



Already number 25 of the series and now we are halfway through it. This episode comes down to Manifest’s instigator, Mike Stern.

Tracklist :

DSCRD – Maskinen
Bandshell – Winton
214 – Abandoned
Datacrashrobot – Information Probe
A Made Up Sound – Endgame
Demon.I/O – Ground (Aphonico Remix)
Robodrum – Retrolectroboteknoise
Demon.I/O – Ground (Jack In Out Remix)
Hecrom – Ras Alhague (Sigma Zigurat Remix)
Kryptic Minds – Askum
The Thinker – World Revolution (Hyo Remix)
Go Hiyama – Machine For Rest
Anesthesix – The Rat
The Person – The Cancer Within
Ion Driver – Revolution
Weapons Of Bass Destruction – Electronic Confession (Alavux Remix)
The Ghost That Walks – Man Of The Cult
Limbertimbre – Funny
Skirt – Tumulto (Yuji Kondo Remix)
Mazzula – Photons (Galaxian Remix)
Somatic Responses – D-Manx
Dead Sound – Inspired
Silicon – Sonic Distress
Wirewound – Discharge Switch
Somatic Responses – Fly-By (Eomac Remix)
Avee Libretto – Ayahauasca
Stefan Goldmann – The Maze (Part 3)
Hecq – Lost

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