Manifest Podcast 022 – James Jaymal


James Jaymal, member of Resonance, resident @ Process Manchester
3 decks vinyl mix

More info and sounds :

Tracklist :

1. GangStar/Manifest/Loop
2. James Ruskin/Lahaine/Tresor
3. Conforce/Be there at night/Clone Basement Series
4. Joel Mull/Next in line/
5. PAS/Turn/Mote Evolver
6. Oliver Ho/Evolution/Meta
7. CTRLS/Token
8. PAS/Flat Tyre/Mote Evolver
9. Oliver Ho/Sacred Object/Meta
10.Fanon Flowers/Slovakian Nights rmx/Numb
12.Christian Wunsch/Execution/Tsunami
13.Loktibrada/Slovakian Nights rmx/Numb
15.Oscar Mulero/All Fall Down/Tsunami
17.Agony Forces/Oramics/Warm Up
18.Phase/Things You Said
19.Function/Montage/Christian Wunsch rmx
20.Oscar Mulero/Only Dead fish Go with the Flow/Tresor
21.Oscar Mulero/Jauhar/Warm Up
22.65d Mavericks/The Murdoch Effect/Infrastructure
24.Oscar Mulero/Fear is the Enemy/Warm Up
25.Exium/Unit3/Warm up
26.Dave Clarke/Red 2/Robert Hood rmx
27.Funk d Void/Diabla/Samuel L Sessions rmx
28.Kike Pravda/Warm up
29.Untitled/White Label
30.Aiken/ MREC
31.Mike Dehnert/Brauwasser EP
32.Exium/Seleccion Natural 1
33.Untitled/ White Label
34.Reeko/Seleccion Natural 1
35.Makaton/Generic Herod

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