Weapons of Bass Destruction – 130102


1.Jeff Mills – Perfecture
2.Iugeri Sonus II – Earlobegym (Ben Milstein Remix)
3.Cable Chaos – Prevail
4.The Black Dog – EVP Echoes
5.Cable Chaos – Uranus
6.Franck Kartell – Cyber Criminals
7.Anodyne – Empire of Glass (214 remix)
8.Synth Alien – The Gorge of the Living Dead
9.Basic System – Coronal Mass Ejection
10.Radioactive Man – Vitamin E
11.Inhuman Designed – Inhuman Designed – G.F.T.C. – [Evo’s Model 101 Rmx]
12.Illektrolab – I am Elektro
13.Radioactive Man – Wreckorder
14.Drexciya – Bubble Chamber
15.Anodyne – Empire of Time (DeFeKt Remix)
16.Boris_Noiz – Omniforma
17.Mumbai Science – Impact (The Advent & Industrialyzer ‘Music & Machine’ Remix)
19.Cell Engine – The World’s End
20.PL_anet – Diagram
21.Stingray313 – Whos Watching the Watchers
22.Boris Noiz – Puls

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