Chris Spotta January 2013 Show

Clear – Cybotron
Orbit – ESS
Commando – Sbassship
The Hardest Way – HEADNOAKS
Sensory Process – E.R.P.
Photons (Pip Williams Remix) – Mazzula
2905 – The Exaltics
Improve – defcon
Antimatter Premium Unleaded – Vintage Future
Human Downfall – Mike Ash
Episode 1 – A Credible Eye Witness
I do because I couldn’t care less – I-F
Stealth – Gods of Technology
Storm Warning – Dexorcist
Red Dragon – Sem
Perfume Persuation – E.R.P.
Fahzers Set To Earth – Fah
Black Cell – Dekode
The World’s End – Cell Engine
Bass Jam – Protocol
Cell Engine – Cell Engine
Dualis – Hacker
Mutant P53 – PolycarbonClique
Messerschmitt über Tokio – Keruba
Hadron – Rogue Frequency
The Reaper – The H.A.V.O.K. Conspiracy
808 (Electronik Religion remix) – Darkmode
909 in state of shock – Halley Seidel
My Space Machine – MicroControlUnit
Ph – Synthetix
Demon – Pip Williams
Global Surveyor (Scape One Remix) – Global Surveyor Feat K1 & Gab.Gato
ReBoot – Koova
Computerrobotdigitalbinary=M= – DBK
Radio Waves – Aux 88
Ultraviolet Images – The Martian
Fear Teacher – Bass Junkie vs The Dexorcist
Final Frontier II – UR
Steal it and Deal it – Biochip C

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