Weapons of Bass Destruction – 121230




1. Datacrashrobot – Desynchronization 2
2.Flashmaster Ray – Skit Bass Virus
3.Urban Electro – Synaps QZ401
4.N;gm-Lost In Space
5.Weapons of Bass Destruction – Electronic Confessions
6.Giuseppe Mereu – In Electro I’ve Trust
7.Faceless Mind- Ocean Movers (VCS2600 Science Remix)
8. Neonicle – Hz [Miotek remix]
9. G13CK – Alfa
10.Kik Cryounik -Theory
11.Kik Cryounik – Search
12.Shadowbunny – Violet
13.Skyborg – Just a trip
14.Westbam – Terminator (Sproket Mix)
15.PL_anet – Pump That Bass
16.Pip Williams & The Hidden Persuader – The First Replicators
17.Alavux – JackTheGroove
19.Alavux – Elektromagnetibranovi
20.[PROT|O|TYPE] – Stimme Der Energie (Prototype Remix)
21.Mike Ash – Human Downfall
22.Fleck E.S.C – B Side

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