basscuits @ global funk radio december 2012

Weapons Of Bass Destruction – Welcome to G-City
Ascetic – Klangbruch
Lena Deen – Sleep Don’t Come Easily
Lungwah – Wreck We Em
Cell Engine – Circuit Braker
Lena Deen – Hoover 904
Blackmass Plastics – Bust It
Subscriber – Unstable
Klorex55 – Nano Technology
Giuseppe Mereu – SpaceMen
Blackmass Plastics – Take One
Oberman Knocks – Fewton Tension Kords (Adapta Remix)
Aeck – Space Sorrows (Alternate Expand & Extend Mix)
Rude 66 – Track 01
[The_Outsider] – K25
Cell Engine – Cell Engine
214 – Antarctica
Epy – Faktum
Feeders – Scratch Your Eeeyes Out
Antilogic – Robot In Wars Ver 2
FZV – Srxvi-cdp
Innasekt – Structure
Lungwah – A Note From Underground
Al Tourettes – Swan Sketch
Weapons Of Bass Destruction – Last Time You Bass
Aux 88 – Control Panels (DJ Xed Crobot Crew Remix)
Dynamik Bass System – Invasion From Mars
Split – Electro Empire
VC-118A – Antenna Forest
Pip Williams – Hackney Marshes
Scanner – Underwater


some artists to keep an eye on:
Weapons Of Bass Destruction
Blackmass Plastics
Pip Williams


and some releases:
Lena Deen – Sleep don’t come easily
Weapons of Bass Destruction – Welcome to G-City
Lungwah – Resolve
Various – The Cavity Church
Subscriber – Contemplation
Blackmass Plastics – Dubs

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