Weapons of Bass Destruction@Cue.Radio Podcast


1.Weapons of Bass Destruction – This is The End My Friend
2.Melogik – Alpha Bootis
3.Electronic Confessions – Wrong Tunnel Interpretation
4.Errorbeauty – Z. ORGON
5.The Exaltics – 2905
6.TAKTER – Ruler Of The Galaxy (Mandroid Remix)
7.Ice Truck – Antennas to the Future (AUX 88 Black Tokyo Remix)
8.Schmidt & Chrome – EBM
9.MEKA – Brujeria
10.Michael Forshaw – Y’iiidiot
11.DJ JC Jeff Caron Evil King Nasty – The Dark Realm
12.Solar Chrome – Network City (Boris Divider Remix)
13.Dr. Schmidt & Circuit Breaker – Many Machines
14.The Exaltics – Journey to Jupiter
15.Binalog Frequency – Storm The Studio
16.Symbiotek – 97 Assember
17.Schmidt & Chrome – EBM (Blackmass Remix)
19.Pip Williams – Lost Souls
20.Mr.Kik.Cryounik – Wonders

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