Weapons of Bass Destruction@U Cant Kill a Robot

1.No Sunbeds – Space Machine
2.Scape One – Radio Control
3.AS1 – Robot Sex Freak
4.Mike Ash – Synthetic Candy
5.PL-anet – S 2,3
6.Weapons of Bass Destruction – I Am Always Relaxing
7.Grow – Electronik Device (R21 Drum Device Remix)
8.Pi-xl – Last Liquidator
9.AS1 – Pinched Nerves
10.Pi-xl – Pripyat
11.Electro 15 Crew – Street
12.Mike Ash – Threat Detection
13.MEKA – super reality
14.Weapons of Bass Destruction – Where none has gone be4 (ILLEKTROLAB REMIX)
15.Dexterous Numerics – Solar Flare
16.Black Electronics – Black To The Future
17.Jagdstaffel 66 – Alle Piloten Mit In Den Tod
18.PL-anet – Drexciyan Connection
19.Dj Tom Oliver & E-Rocker – Cosmic Bulleyes
20.Code Rising – Technological Terror
21.D.I.E. – Programming
22.AndresAndreas-So many things to smoke (Dr. Smoke RMX)
23.Ion Driver – B-Robot (Teutonic Kaboon Remix)


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