NuBreed Radio Live on GFR April 19 2012


Audio Riot – Children Of The Puppet Parade
The Consumer – Love Fades Away
Audio Riot – Discoslut
Luke Eargoggle – I Play Live & Chess
R21 – TX
Grow – Edgar Adam Grow’s Violent Worm (Fleck ESC remix)
Dark Signal – Neural Circuits
Bytecon – Robots Ready For Mars
DBS – Robotmachine (Detroit in Effect)
Zerodouble – Bass Man
Shadowbunny – Luna D’ombre
Deemphasis – My Secret
Grow – Tissue Replacement (Morphogenetic remix)
Zerodouble – Nowhere To Hide (Morphogenetic remix)
MCU – Save The World (Morphogenetic remix)
Diplomat – Ultrasonic Warhead (Morphogenetic remix)
Submersible Machines – Braving The Benthic
Shann X – Bass Conspiracy
Frequency 528 – Sick Circuit Symphonies
Synapse – Mid Range
Rouge Frequency – That Boy Tim Remix
The Outsider – Biroid
Transparent Sound – Hell Bent (Mesak)
Bass From Saturn – Complex Simplicity
Defekt – Destroy Your Planet
U.O.N – Uitgekookt
R21 – Muzik Synthesizer
DVS NME – Magnetar (Fleck ESC remix)
Neonicle – I Dream (Biosensor Fail remix by Datacrashrobot)
Defekt – Stimulus

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