Weapons of Bass Destruction [ASTRIDBSO] 2012-JANUARY-28


1.Rude Child – Nostromo
2.E.R.P.- Sensory Process (Plant43 Remix)
3.The Freek Macheen- Rocker (Eisblockade Remix)
4.The Advent – Light Years Away
5.Conqueror – Highest Order
6.Noisebrigade – Inside Trader (Binalog Freq Remix)
7.Hydromatix – Damage the Speaker
8.Fleck Esc – Peeping Toys
9.Preston Flex – Little Feller
10.Magnetic Bass Force – The Mighty Computor Power
11.Magnetic Bass Force – Not Humanly
12.Cryotron – Tranzformer Wars (Anthony Nuzzo Remix)
13.J-Double – The Black List (Rob Real Remix)
14.Svreca – Eye (Hadamard Remix)
15.Heuristic Audio – Wisla
16.Fleck Esc – Mutation
17.M.usic I.nfused T.echnology – DJ Kontaegis
18.Heuristic Audio – Fracture
19.Fleck Esc – In Charge
20.Debbie Deb and Lords of Acid – When I Hear Pussy

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