Weapons of Bass Destruction [MALASANGRE] 2012-JANUARY-19

1.Clatterbox – Argonaut
2.Heuristic Audio – Everything
3.Darkmode – Ratbat
4.Darkmode – Master Control
5.Mystic Letter K – Yet 2 b
6.Attack Cutter – Im mental im God
7.NiN – The Hand That Feeds You (Exzakts Dont Bite Mix)
8.Fleck Esc – Theyre Watching
9.Magnetic Bass Force – Lost Transmission
10.Magnetic Bass Force – Artificial
11.Alavux – Poslusaj Beat
12.Arabian Prince a.k.a. Professor X – 1 Million Freaks
13.Invisible Rockers Crew – Crater (R21 Vocoderpella Remix)
14.Fleck Esc – Sleepless
15.R21 vs Grow – Broken Machines (Commangrow Mix)
16.Fleck Esc – Ruling The Nation
17.Fleck Esc – Electric Dreams
18.Heuristic Audio – Engraved Anger
19.J-Double – The Black List (Phonotronix Remix)
20.Alavux Feat JJ MC – Ghetto Trash
21.Mystic Letter K – Dust
22.Fleck Esc – Next Life
23.J-Double – I Am Tha Overlord


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