Weapons of Bass Destruction [KILL909] 2012-JANUARY-14

1.Irma – Mindtrip
2.Magnetic Bass Force – MBF on Attack
3.Ran-D – Love-n-Rockets RIP Mix
4.Cheeba Starks pres. The Toupe Committee – GoGo Bop (A Trip To The Bodega)
5.Jmekka – Mekka LIES MBA Mix (Mekka & the Bass Addict)
6.Autonomous Bass Heads – A Place Called Bass
7.XXXY – Rain (Jack Sparrow Remix)
8.Gome00su – Electro4
9.Boris Divider – Shut Down The System – Mix3 (b1)
10.Scape One – Diffusion of Innovations
11.DJ R21- Attack of the Bassmen
12.Dark Vektor – Touch Tomorrow
13.Thomas Schumacher – Boogie Down (Zulu-Funk Mix)
14.Boddika – Syn_chron
15.214 – Sidestepping
16.Autonomous Bass Heads – My Style Shall Stand Alone
17.Paul Blackford – Shake That Booty
18.Solar Chrome – Gravity
19.MEKA – Human destroy
20.Magnetic Bass Force – Direct Control
21.Pip Williams – Field Studies
22.Schnauz – Machine
23.Rude 66 – Blood Is Blood
24.Boddika – You Tell Me


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