313RGB Soundsystem #011312 Electro Mix

Massendynamik – Das Muster (Solar One Records)
Robots Destroy – Illektrolab (Duality)
Horror Shit – Neonicle (Russian Techno)
Autopilot (Remix) – VCS2600 (Stilleben Records)
Interstellar (Tokyo Knife Attack Remix) – Faceless Mind (Stilleben Records)
Cycle Of Life (Part 2) – Crotaphytus (Solar One Records)
Tremors – Fleck ESC (Ukonx Recordings)
B-2 – Synth Alien (Devine Disorder Records)
Robotmachine (Di’jital remix) – Dynamik Bass System (Robotmachine Records)
I’m On The Street – Robert Cosmic (Subsonic Device)
Crobot Muzik (N-ter’s Giorgio Made Me Do It remix) – Dj Xed (Crobot Muzik)
Body Snatchers – Blastromen (X0X Records)
Warships Over Jena City – The Exaltics (Last Known Trajectory)
Functional Systems (Grow remix) – Phonotronix (CHP Recordings)
La Fee Verte – Kemko (Power Underground)
Man Made Machine – Motor (CLR)



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