Weapons of Bass Destruction [NOUFOS] 2011-NOVEMBER-27


1.Apparat – Limelight
2.Robert Cosmic – Visita al Espacio
3.Kalson – Like You
4.Robert Cosmic – Synth Conversations
5.Model 500 – Ofi
6.Mariel Ito – Aproach
7.Diplomat – Just a Taste (feat Dj Dsk)
8.Robert Cosmic – We Back
9.D.O.H.- Hope That Your Into Music
10.Mas 2008 – Machine Soul
11.Absolute Fiction – Genius Der Energy
12.Buraka Som Sistema – Kalemba (Hot Chip Remix)
13.Scape One – Diffusion of Innovations
14.Prototype – Sonic Wall Power
15.Deemphasis – We Are
16.Robert Cosmic – Restarting my Robot
17.Spectrums Data Forces – Execute Necrus
18.Diplomat – Ultrasonic Warhead – Ultrasonic Warhead
19.E.R.P – lodestone
20.Autobot 1000 – Access Denied

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