Disturbed Gecko @ Club Paradiso 17 Nov 2011


1.Kris Wadsworth – Deep Inside (Original Mix)
2.Planetary Assault Systems – GT Function
3.Conforce – When It Appeared
4.Vegim – Librium
5.Secret Cinema and Kalden Bess – Pow Pow (dub mix)
6.Inigo Kennedy – Revenge
7.Funk D’Void Jack Me Off (Ben Sims Remix)
8.Planetary Assault Systems – Cold Bolster
9.Giorgio Gigli – Indifferent Sight (Terence Fixmer Remix)
10.Peter van Hoesen – Last One At 1080
11.Naked Lunch – Martyn HareBroken (Albert Kraner Remix)
12.Marcel Fengler – Thwack (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)
13.C.N.T.C.T – Area Forty One
15.Sigha – Finding Myself
16.Matador (IE) – Black Shapes
17.Naked Lunch – Martyn HareBroken (ATrebor Remix)
18.Peter Van Hoesen & Donato Dozzy Dock – Time to Express
19.Endless – 00165
20.Delta Funktionen – Torpor
21.Cosmin TRG – Plaisir Interdit
22.Sawlin – Excipidial
23.Raiz and Truncate – Mobility
24.Forward Strategy Group – Arcnet
25.Kike Pravda – Quantum

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