Weapons of Bass Destruction [STYLUZFORCE] 2011-October-26


1.Dntel - Anywhere Anyone (Pearson Sound Beatless Reduction)
2.Perc - My Head is Slowly Exploding
3.Blawan - Lavender
4.Alex Smoke - Never Want to See You Again Seia Remix
5.Reeko - Empirical Science
6.Perc - Start Chopping
7.Dntel - Anywhere Anyone (Silent Servant and Regis Sandwell District Mix)
8.Endless - SG8
9.Surgeon Meets Outline - Golden Age
10.Seismal D. - Narkos (Audio Injection Remix)
11.Reeko - Dystopic Futures
12.Gedevaan - P x02 (Perc Remix)
13.Bcr Boys - Isolation
14.Peter Van Hoesen & Donato Dozzy Dock - Time to Express
15.Endless - 00165
16.Bcr Boys - The Dalek (Original Mix)
17.Xhin - Teeth (Surgeon Remix)
18.Oscar Mulero - Descansa en Paz

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